Duct Tape Dummy Tutorial

Materials you need:

  • Painter's Cover-All

  • Duct Tape (2-3 large rolls, thin works better if layered)

  • Scissors

  • Paper Towels

  • Sharpie/Permanent Marker

  • 1-2 people to help

-Be sure that when you start taping, you start at the waist and pelvis. Always be sure you are taping to where the cover-all is shaped around the person rather than having tape and cover all hanging loosely. You want it to be form fitting, but not too tight. Overlap tape at various angles, making sure there are no gaps between pieces of tape.

-Work your way down the legs evenly on both sides. When you reach the feet, wrap paper towel around any exposed skin stopping about half way down the foot. Continue to crisscross tape for strength. Periodically have the person being taped bend at the joints to make sure it's not too tight. 

-Once legs are done, work your way up the chest and along the arms. Important: Be sure that your arms are raised in a "T" pose when doing the shoulders and arms. Without this posture, your suit won't fit you correctly and your DTD will be sent back. 

-Once finished taping, take your black permanent marker and mark along the outer edge. Follow along the outside of the legs and up under the arm pit along the under side of the arm. Hash marks help you to line it up when taping back together. (Illustrated in red so you can see easier) 

When you've finished cutting the person out of the DTD, please tape the dummy closed along the hash marks and fold it neatly for shipping. Untaped DTD's are subject to a service fee if I have to invest time in taping together DTD's. Improperly/poorly made DTD's will be returned for the client to make another. 

-Work your way along the arm and once you get to the hand apply paper towel around the wrist and thumb. Tape half way up the hand stopping at where your fingers start, and leaving a hole for the thumb.

Important Information: Dummies that are not made properly using methods outlined in this tutorial are subject to being returned and a replacement being requested. Make sure to include your feet and hands as outlined above. Please be respectful and do not draw anything inappropriate or not considered family friendly on your Duct tape dummy. Kayla's Kritterz is a G rated studio, child friendly studio.


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