Works completed both on Commission and Personal scale. Click the thumbnail to view the full sized image.

Pamuya Jaguar
Medium sized plush for private commission.
Blue Faced Jumping Spider Backpack
Custom commissioned plushie backpack
Anna Dragon
Dedenne Plushies
Shakir Hyena Plush
A custom commission for a client, Shakir was made using a brand new pattern. He stands about 24" in height and is one half of a set made for a client.
Large Toothless the Nightfury
Made for a personal project, this big fellow is a wopping 3 feet in length. His belly has a hidden zipper pouch in his belly to stow away your treasures.
Jarabec Plushie Backpack
Dutch Angel Dragon Backpack. Made with minky and fleece, featuring embroidered eyes and adjustable straps. One of my personal favorites to work on!
Large Lucario Plushie
This fellow stands over 26" in height. Made with high quality soft minky and features embroidered eyes.
Stardust Raccoon
A large huggable plushie for Stardust. Made with minky and faux fur, featuring embroidered eyes.
Sapphire Cheetah Backpack
Soft and cuddly blue king cheetah backpack plushie. Features adjustable nylon straps and a hidden pouch on her back to store your things.
Tachikoma Plushie
Custom tarantula plushie for a client, modeled after her pet.
Tove Tiger: Minnie Beanie Style
This little tiger kitten was done for a client. She measures roughly 12" long from nose to the end of her back paws. Made of minky and wool, she's small and cuddly.
"Eden" Plushie Backpack
Eden the goat-monster plushie backpack done for a client on commission. He stands an impressive 27" tall and features a one of a kind patterning for his hands and hooves.
"Lerato" Plushie Backpack
This adorable fellow was done on commission for a client featuring their "The Lion King" styled character. It took many pattern drafts to get the well known art style of the film created into a plush form.
"Samhain" Plushie Backpack
A bat-dragon like character done on commission for a client. Features a lot of hand sewn applique for his very unique markings.
"Cyclone" Dragon Backpack
Cyclone was made with faux fur as per the customer's request to make sure he kept his brindle fur patterning. Lining made with a desert print cotton to fit with his theme.
"Syrup" Dragon Backpack
Syrup, the dessert themed dragon made into a backpack! Customer requested button eyes. Lining is adorable waffles since her name is Syrup!
Sniper Angel Dragon Backpack Plushie
A very elaborate plushie backpack commission completed for a client. Client is an active pilot in the navy airforce so the lining of the back pocket features various aircrafts!

Made completely by hand with minky, cotton, fleece, wool, and faux fur.
Tokky: Medium Plushie Commission
A medium sized plush done on commission for a client. This plush has posable arms and legs and a rubber nose. This cute fellow was completely hand sewn both the plush itself and his clothing.
Issi Dragon
A medium sized plushie made as a gift for a friend to test a new pattern.
Medium Plush: Toriel from Undertale
This sweet motherly monster is very cuddly and made out of minky! Her arms and legs are posable. Inside a heart shaped sound box plays the song "Home", the soft melody you hear in the game when you enter her home.
KarmaKat Plushie
A medium sized posable lion plush done on commission for a client in Europe! This lion is highly detailed with intricate tattoos carefully done by hand.
Ra'Kir the Khajiit: Personal Cosplay
One of my personal costumes. Everything was fabricated by hand, from his armor to his sword, to Ra'Kir himself. Armor is made out of foam! His jaw moves with the wearer and his eyes follow you from all angles. His mouth has a fully detailed set of teeth and a silicone tongue.

Ra'Kir has earned me two 1st place Professional's Category awards back to back at two conventions in 2015.
Ra'Kir: Without Armor
Another lovely look at the spotted Khajiit and his assistant.
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KarmaKat Plushie

A medium sized posable lion plush done on commission for a client in Europe! This lion is highly detailed with intricate tattoos carefully done by hand.